Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Quotey Quote Time – December 4, 2007

The Guardian Unlimited posted an article today that was of keen interest to me. Basically, they wanted the chief evangelist at Google to tell them where he thought the future of the Internet etc was headed. Instead, he sent them some of his email contacts. Here are a couple of the quotes I thought were the true insights from the article:

Chris De Wolfe -
- "Online social destinations work best when creativity and development are collaborative concepts"
- "The evolution of social networks is kick-starting a broad global shift for how people, content and culture collide on the web."
- "Fundamentally, all social destinations must expand while staying personal"

Chad Hurley -
- "Video broadcasting will be the most ubiquitous and accessible form of communication."

Maurice Levy -
- "Prescribed time - the 7 o'clock news, the Friday night out at the cinema, etc - is now becoming multitasking time."

Biz Stone -
- "The power of the internet is not limited to the PC"

Peter Norvig -
- "Instead, our interaction [with the Internet] will be more fluid, our computers will accept our requests in many forms, and will scan our environment proactively"

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