Friday, December 21, 2007

PreTxt - December 21, 2007

Every holiday season I inevitably piss off my friends by forgetting to call them or send them a text message wishing them a “Happy – insert holiday here –“. If you’re anything like me, here are the top five reasons why you probably forgot to wish them the best:

- I was drunk
- I had too much to drink
- I was passed out from drinking
- I was too hungover to move
- My friends tied me naked to a tree

Regardless of the reasons, I’d really like to avoid the whole, “Sorry I forgot to call or text you…I the lamest person in the world…please forgive me…I promise to never do it again…you can have my first born.”

Enter PreTxt. It’s a service from a company called Mobile Campus, which allows you to schedule text messages to be sent out to your friends whenever you want. I learned about it at work, and I hope this year it will help me avoid those awkward moments. To use it, all you have to do is sign into the service on the Internet, create your message, enter the mobile numbers of who you want it sent to (up to 42), and then select when you want your message sent. The rest is history.

Now…where did I put that eggnog?

Some screenshots of the webpage below

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