Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Les UX - December 4, 2007

I recently read a quick note on Noah Brier's blog about the elicit subterranean Parisian group known as “Les UX”. I had heard of this group before, but I dove a little deeper to find out more about them. Apparently, it’s a group of about 150 individuals who vary in social status and skill set, however, they are tied by one common theme – liberation. Whether they are bringing an old clock back to life, building an underground cinema, or exploring more catacombs, this group is about liberating themselves from the drudge of modern society. They are constantly exploring new ways to alleviate Paris from its social demise, but they are damn secret about it.

Read more about them at Wikipedia:


Check out the Untergunther site (one of the "teams" within the Les UX):


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