Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Muart (music meets art) – December 26, 2007

After a delicious dinner at Frascati, Sosia and I gallantly walked the worn steps up to the Jo-Tel. In our hands were masterpieces. True works of art! Undeniably truthful and inspired remnants of our emotions scraped together and birthed via a non-ethereal media.

We were about to enter the 3rd Annual Jo-Tel’s Top 15 Songs of 2007 Listening Party. Within the grasp of my digits was my personal claim to fame…a carefully crafted art piece intended to represent one of the fifteen best songs of 2007. I was a true pugilist. Trained not with an intent to harm, but to invent wondrous creations that stimulate and provoke the mind. Fourteen other individuals were selected by Shark to develop smart depictions of the artists and the songs.

Last year, Shark gave a few of us pieces of construction paper to convey our interpretations of the top 15 songs of 2006. I could tell this year would be much different from last year, as we were only assigned the artists and songs sans predetermined media. We were free to let our brains roam.

As the music played and the booze lingered down the gullets of our throats and swam in our blood, the brilliance of the art prevailed. There were paintings, sculptures, drawings, writings, and maybe even some performance art. A community passionate about music emerged from the electronic debris (email, blogs, google groups, etc) from which it was formed, and electrified the night.

Besides the bottle of champagne and Jack that I helped destroy, here are my top highlights of the night:

- Finally meeting Deepa
- Recording a video of everyone watching a video Hip E made of two girls watching 2 girls 1 cup
- Impromptu dance party
- Sosia’s mind boggling creativeness
- Break dancing until my knees were bleeding

Check out more pics on my Flickr page, and enjoy this video of Mark's primal scream.

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deepa said...

Reid, I stumbled across this while trying to waste time at work. Meeting you was a highlight too! Everyone said we had met already but I know that was not true.

Also, the 2 girls 1 cup video reaction was Alison and I, which Matt has promised to not post publicly but I doubt that he's going to stick with that.