Friday, December 7, 2007

Jet Blue – December 7, 2007

I LOVE JetBlue, and I fly it whenever I can. After a recent trip (no pun intended…hahhaha) to their website, I noticed that they were advertising a new payment method. Basically, anyone can buy a JetBlue ticket today, and not have to pay for it for 90 days.

That’s brilliant! As long as JetBlue has their financials in order and don’t go bankrupt financing a bunch of trips that never get paid for, this could be truly disruptive to JetBlue’s competitive set.

I give this an 8 on the disruptive scale. It’s smart because it offers travelers who can’t afford to pay for a trip in full the option to finance their excursions. This set obviously includes the lucrative college-aged audience, as well as low to middle class Americans.

I look forward to seeing if this trend continues across the board.

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