Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Big Umbrella – December 18, 2007

This past weekend I checked out my new local art gallery/studio space. I guess a group of students got together to create a space that they could both work in and showcase their art at. *POOF * a co-op is born in the name of art.

Their first opening wasn’t terribly disappointing as one might expect from a student run studio. Some of the works were fairly unique and innovative, while others dull and lacking inspiration. In the end, I’m proud of this group banding together to form a rogue gallery, and I wish them the best.

Here’s their somewhat functioning website:


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Gavin said...

Hey, thanks for coming to our first opening. We're having another one on Friday May 16, showcasing works by Miriam Diaz and Kristine Lee in various media. It will run from 7 to midnight, hope you can make it!