Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2007 Year-End Indie "Rock" Top 50 Fantasy League Draft – December 11, 2007

For the past three years the Jo-Tel has hosted a year-end Indie rock fantasy draft pick. Firstly, yes, we fully acknowledge how nerdly we are.

How it works: Basically, everyone gets a turn to select what they think were the best Indie albums of the year. The order of turns is determined by a random draw of names from a hat. (See Patsy drawing names below)
Everyone then gets a turn to name one artist that they thought was the best that year. The process is repeated until everyone has chosen eight artists. No artists can be repeated. Our results are then compared against Pitchfork, Coke Machine Glow, and Rolling Stone’s reviews of the best artists' albums of the year.

Points are awarded to individuals who have selected artists that are listed in any of the critic review sites. Various point levels are determined by the placement of the artists within the individual critic review lists. For instance, anyone who picked an artist who was in first place would receive 50 points, but if they picked an artist in 50th place then they would receive 1 point.

After all the critic review sites are reviewed and points assigned to each participants’ lists, total point values are compared. Whoever has the most points wins.

Like I said, we’re dorks.

Here’s the final list of artists and a video of us in nerd action. I’ll post results once completed.


thrill said...

Come on, Modern Lovers!

Shark said...

"Johnny D is ALWAYS the dark horse"