Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Raw Inspiration Revisited – November 6, 2007

This past Sunday I checked out the Alameda Antique fair that happens once a month. Thousands of people come out to search for hidden treasures, worthless junk, and perhaps a decapitated baby doll head or two.

The Fair is the size of at least 3 football fields, and is conveniently located on an abandoned air field. However, it has incredible views of San Francisco, and the smell of ocean waifs in the air.

The place is completely random and unorganized, and there aren’t designate sections like, “Rocking Chairs Like the One Grandma Had” or “My Old Uncle Joe’s Vintage Body Shavers.” I’m a firm believer that a little bit of chaos and randomness can stimulate inspiration, and in fact it did. I walked away with a few new ideas for my product line, which is sweeter than honey.

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