Sunday, November 4, 2007

Calling all Toys - November 4, 2007

Yesterday I took a jaunt to the Upper Haight in search of some miniature skulls. Long story, don’t ask. The Haight is littered with all sorts of novelty, retro, marijuana utensil, shoe, trinket, memento stores. I figured it was a safe bet to find a couple of things I liked. Well….here’s what I ended up with (check the video of the swimmer toy).

I bought the weird torso and bottom half of a woman at this shop called Giant Robot. They specialize in Indie art, ironic t-shirts, and incredibly peculiar Japanese toys. A lot of these toys have found their way into cubicles and offices around the U.S. I’m not quite sure why someone would want to spend so much money on a piece of plastic, but it seems to be quite popular. Anyways, here are some pictures of some more great bizarre Japanese toys/figurines, and check-out these specialty sites to buy some of you own: TokyoCube, YesAsia, or Ningyoushi)

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