Thursday, November 15, 2007

Europe in America? - November 15, 2007

Kansas City.

What does that make you think of? Big steaks, fat people, thick accents, cows, or nothingess? Surprisingly, after a brief trip to good ol’ KC, I came back with a much different opinion.

In 1922, a visionary named Jesse Clyde Nichols started construction on the United States’ first ever suburban shopping district. Damn him to hell, right? Actually, Nichols had the foresight to see the automobile having a major impact on life as we know it, and chose to prepare for just that. What did he do? Well, he built a place to spend money, what else? However, he did it in a way that was appealing, cozy, memorable, and had longevity.

Nichols built the plaza to resemble his memories from his travels in Europe. This meant the shopping center would have accents like red tiled roofs, beautiful courtyards, ornate towers, sculptures, and fountains. It also has a “river” (aka drainage) that runs through it.

Overall, I had a fantastic experience there. The food was great, the people were nice, and the shopping wasn’t too bad.

Visit Kansas City!

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