Thursday, November 29, 2007

Experiential Marketing – November 29, 2007

The best way to make a connection between consumers and brands is via a meaningful experience. Sure things like T.V. ads and online banners have their purpose, but nothing is more effective than a one-to-one interaction with a brand or product.

I think it’s pretty obvious as to why, but I’ll elaborate:

Suppose you were in the market for a raincoat, and you head to North Face to look at some. Outside North Face happens to be this crazy RV vehicle branded with Gortex logos. On closer inspection the vehicle has all types of different demonstration exhibits on it that show off the amazing functionality of GoreTex. There also happens to be a portable rain storm room on the back of the RV where you can test one of their jackets out. While you do all this, a GoreTex representative talks to you about the benefits of using their product versus others. Oh yeah, the GoreTex chick was pretty cute, and the whole brand seemed pretty cool and with it.

Finally, you’re done with the experience, and you walk into the store. Overall, it was a fun and non-intrusive experience.

Are you more likely to buy a product that has an official Gortex logo on it or a generic brand? Even if you don’t buy a raincoat that day, wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy a Goretex branded product based on your previous interaction with it?

My whole point is that an experience with a brand or product can influence your purchase decision far more so than a T.V. ad or billboard. Doesn’t that mean anything to marketers anymore? I so rarely see what I did today (see pics below).

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