Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Sweet Bay to Breakers - May 21, 2008

Oh, Bay to Breakers. It came, I drank, and I left with a 2-day headache.

This year was particularly perfect. Great decorative carts, nice positive vibe, and endless amounts of booze. I recall asking myself before I downed my first cup of suds around 7:50am, when would be the last time that I would recall pushing and/or seeing our Underage Drinking Society cart? When would my group start losing their clothes and wandering aimlessly around Golden Gate Park? Would a policeman issue me a ticket for public urination? Who would be the last person standing? How many naked dudes would I see? Where would the day's adventure end?

Alas, I don't recall any of the outcomes, but I have some pictures to prove it.

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(and I) said...

That second picture of Shark is absolutely amazing. Classic.