Friday, May 30, 2008

1 Million 1 Shot Anniversary – May 30, 2008

Dearest readers, people who came here through a Google search and are probably going to now leave, and those of you who have absolutely no clue as to how you’ve landed on this page, it’s my one year anniversary of founding and beginning to write on 1 Million 1 Shot.

268 posts and 297 profile views later, you’ve hung in there. Congrats! I’ve gone from a measly 1-4 visitors a day to 25-40 now, and it feels great that I can subject you all to my ponderings.

I initially started this blog to track the developments of my entrepreneurial nature, but topics have been noticeably the opposite. I’ve covered advertising developments, provided uncanny viewpoints on social media, publically dissed Twitter, highlighted some of YouTube’s best, reported on a plethora of trends, surreptitiously exposed my private life, and made my art susceptible to your tastes.

In return to your kind and faithful dedication to following my rants and raves, I’ll keep this post short.

Thanks for reading.


1 comment:

Rick said...

You had a year to become a millionaire and buy me a bigger boat. You're a failure.