Thursday, May 1, 2008

NBC & Improv Everywhere

I’m sure many of you are well aware of the various flashmob events that have happened around the US recently (e.g. No Pants Mission or Grand Central Freeze) that have garnered tons of attention from news stations and police units. They’re spontaneous…so how does a company leverage them?

NBC put some serious thought into it, and decided that helping enable them is better than forcing the company into the flashmob in an unnatural way. In Improv Everywhere’s latest flashmob, NBC helped assist Improv Everywhere by lending them the equipment necessary to cover a little league game the same way a MLB game might have been covered, Goodyear blimp and all!

Why it’s important – This demonstrates that even the biggest and most corporate of companies can associate and integrate itself with popular grassroots movements in a noncontroversial manner. By being able to be apart of these widely watched and discussed communities, NBC elevates the significance and multifaceted attributes of their brand.

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