Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maker Recap - May 6, 2008

This past weekend was a blast at Maker Faire. I was inspired and in awe at various moments throughout the day. The passion and excitement in the air was tangible as I talked with various makers. From rocketry experts to knitting mavens, Maker had every type of imaginable hobbyist in attendance. I really would like to have spent more time learning about electronics, but to no alas.

Sosia and I wanted to attempt to build our own LED contraption, but the line to purchase the kit was far too long. Instead, I settled on buying a monster corn dog that completely destroyed my appetite for 2 whole days.

Here are two videos I took that I'm especially excited about. The first demonstrates the awesome power of two Tesla coils, and the second shows Richard Jacobsen demonstrating how to make a vacuum forming machine for under $300 (although I found I could do it for much much less).


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