Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mark and Patsy Tie the Knot - May 27, 2008

Shark of the Jo-Tel, and Patsy, resident of the Jo-Tel, officially tied the knot this past weekend. Congratulations! (and no the picture is not of them, but of Mini Shark and Kristin looking oh so "gyratingy")

It was a beautiful wedding, and everyone got properly drunk. By properly drunk I mean a glass was broken every 10-15 minutes, and my cane, a nice accoutrement to my Seersucker suit, was taken away from me and used as a tool to lift up various wedding attendees' skirts. Oh la la.

The ceremony itself was quick and sweet, almost too fast if you ask me. Patsy looked lovely, and Sosia continually remarked that she had never seen Shark look so happy. The guests in attendance held nothing back when it came to fashion taste. We had Rosie looking oh so smart and edgy, Ellen showing some serious boobage, and Shark's cousin going for the "I work at a fish hatchery" look.

The night concluded as the wedding party headed/stumbled to R Place off of Colorado Street, where we proceeded to "borrow" a bottle of whiskey, blare Bon Jovi on the jukebox, and ritualistically out dance another.
All in all this is the best wedding I have ever been to, even though I've only been to three in my whole life. Besides the sore throat I got, everything else was peachy perfect. I wish the newly weds well as they tan their bodies below the Fijian sun.

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Shark said...

I'm still disappointed that your cane was not just so that you could look like a pimp. Seriously though, you looked good with a cane.