Monday, May 12, 2008

Need a Tool? - May 12, 2008

Maybe you're making a deck for the summer, digging a hole for that stereotypical white picket fence, or you just want to assemble that IKEA bookshelf. These things take tools, some cheap, some expensive, but either way there's nothing worse than being limited to creating something because you don't have the tool you need. Sometimes cost can be a prohibiter, or maybe it's just not worth buying because you'll only use it once.

With this frustrations like this in mind, Berkeley, CA opened the first "tool library" in 1979. Library patrons could and can still borrow tools, equipment and "how-to" instructional materials, usually free of charge.

It's a brilliant idea, and thought locals should know about this. Here's the link to the Berekely tool library. As a result of this initiative, dozens of other tool libraries have opened across the U.S.

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