Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Your Crest - April 15, 2008

Okay, I swear I won't barrage this blog with tons of ads that I like, but I just can't help myself with this one. Toyota sells cars. Yippee, right? Well, Toyota did some thinking. My guess it went something like this:

CMO - "We need to connect with the youth market dammit, what can we do?"

CMO's lap dog - "I agree"

Smart person in the room - "The trick about getting youth to pay attention is to give them content they care about and are intrigued with. Let's make an ad banner that allows kids to create their own crests, like the ones that used to go on top of a Cadillac. Once they create their own, they can save it and use it as wallpaper, and send it to other friends. If we do this Mr. CMO, then you can say you did something with user generated content and rich interactive media at one of you stupid conferences!"

CMO - "That's impossible!"

Smart person in the room - "Sit back and watch"

Okay, so probably the story went absolutely nothing like that, but let's pretend it did. I found one of these banners and ended up making some of my own crests. It was freaking awesome. I only wish that there were more options and colors.

I think that this banner is extremely successful because it follows these rules:

1. Low barrier for participation – all you have to do is roll over the banner and begin to play

2. Visceral – directions were cut and clear, and it was easy to create

3. Intriguing – Crests are cool

4. Engaging – It lures you to be able to make your own crests at no cost

5. Noninvasive – You don’t have to navigate away from your current page to enjoy creating your own crest

In summary, please have more campaigns like this Toyota. All the rest of you marketers out there take note!

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