Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rampenfest – April 9, 2008

Since I’m in advertising, I actually admire when campaigns are done really well. I won’t go on to name all of my favorites, but I do want to highlight a current love of mine. It’s from BMW, and they’re promoting their 2009 BMW 1-series. Rather than create a stupid typical car campaign where they show you flashy shots of a shiny car filled with beautiful people zooming through a modern city, BMW took a different approach. Here’s the skinny.

It all begins when an amateur videographer named Jeff Schultz captures footage of this peculiar 454 meter tall ramp he happened to find in a Bavarian town named "Oberpfaffelbachen” while travelling Europe. The story unfolds from there.

Basically this town built a ramp to launch a BMW into America. It’s pretty funny, there is even like a 30+ minute movie about it. Here are all the links to entertain yourself.

Read Jeff’s Blog:

See Jefff’s YouTube videos:

Check out his photos from the town:

Visit the town’s website (special section “Miss Ramp”):

Watch the Rampefest movie:

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