Thursday, April 17, 2008

Little Music for Thursday - April 17, 2008

I use music to make the day go that much faster at work. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share a great new music site I came across, and a nice little gadget that will help you share music.

First off is Hype Machine. This great little site allows you to listen to the latest and greatest, or the classics. You can search for songs by artist or track name.

The Hype Machine tracks a variety of MP3 blogs. If a post contains MP3 links, it adds those links to its database and displays them on the front page. You can listen to all the music they've got on the site, and if you so choose, you can go buy them at the appropriate place.

Now for a little gadgetry fun. This little device called the miShare allows two iPods to hook-up and transfer files, be it audio, video, or pictures. No computer or cable is needed, and it's super easy to use. Just attach the source and target iPods and press miShare's big button to start the transfer. Unfortunately, DRM protected songs remain protected :(

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