Monday, April 21, 2008

Trumer Pils makes beer in Berkeley, but they just don't make any old beer. Trumer specializes in making a Pilsner that follows the same recipe of an ancient Czechoslovakian brewery. The big claim to fame for Trumer is that it's not beer off the boat (Heineken, Stella Artois, etc), but fresh European style beer from our own backyard. I have to admit, it's actually pretty good, even if they are one of our clients.

Just recently, Trumer decided that they want to associate themselves with a nationwide cause. Trumer decided to go with Earth Day. In respect to this great planet, Trumer is giving out little Blue Spruce seeds that are implanted in a biodegradable Trumer seal (see the picture above). All you have to do is soak the paper seal in water overnight and then plant it in dirt. Then you get yourself a Blue Spruce. Yipee!

I actually think it's really cool, and I hope to see more blogs talk about this.

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