Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Snap Summit Recap - March 26, 2008

As I mentioned I attended the Snap Summit conference yesterday. It was geared towards application developers for social networks like Facebook, but it was also interesting to listen to from a marketers perspective, as I'm required to know why and how users are interacting with social media. Here are my topline notes:

  1. Why does participation in social media occur:
    1. To express themselves
    2. Because you were influenced (“poked”) by someone else
    3. There was a deep amount of content to wade around in
    4. It was easy, only one click away
    5. It has a level of novelty
  2. Applications on social networks have to be developed for the long term, how does this work in the big picture? It’s “cool” won’t work forever.
  3. Learn to identify motivation triggers (similar to point #1)
  4. Understand human behavior, and build campaigns around that
  5. Social Media = participatory media (blogs, video, pictures, text, etc)

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