Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Top 5 Favorite Innovative Products - June 24, 2007

5. Folding Aluminum Tent Poles

Light-weight, compactable, easy to use tent poles revolutionized camping. Gone are the headaches of figuring out what piece goes to what. Going camping is fun, until you realize that you have to pee at 3am, and that weird animal noise outside the tent won’t go away.

4. Digital Video Recorder

Wow! It’s one hell of a tweaked out VCR, but I never have to deal with any physical tape to record my favorite shows. Oh yeah, and it has a great user interface, so it’s easy to select what and when I want to record. Finally, NO MORE SUCKY COMMERCIALS, I fast forward through them all!!!!

3. Speedo Fastskin

I happen to spend a lot of my time in the water, and I truly appreciate any new advancement in swimwear. In 2000, Speedo launched the Fastskin, a material that wicks away water and claims to reduce drag by 3-7%. Proven studies have shown that Fastskin has reduced drag by .34%, which isn’t much, but hey as long as I don’t have to shave my body anymore, that works for me.

2. Custom T-Shirts

Wait a second, you mean I don’t have to walk around with someone else’s logo on my t-shirt, and I can decide what I want on the shirt? Online eStores like CafĂ© Press allow users to set-up their own shops too, and over 800,000 people have done so, selling 36 million diferent products. 1. The “Wide Mouth” Beer Can

This little design adjustment to beer cans allowed a much freer passage of the delicious barley and hop liquid to the drinker. Once they were introduced in the early nineties, they haven’t gone back. It’s my number one favorite innovation, and probably the reason why the average beer chug time has dropped from 7.8 seconds to 3.9.

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