Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Karma" - June 6, 2007

As I teetered back and forth in my chair this morning at work checking email, my friend Nina surprised me and gave me a month long Muni Pass she had found on the ground. I was psyched. That sweet ticket retails for $45 street!

Sadly, my hopes of free riding the San Francisco streets in dilapidated and habitually tardy buses vanished before my eyes. On the back of the Muni Card was the name and telephone number of the woman whom the Muni Card belong. I was summoned by Karmic forces to call her on the phone. I arranged to meet with her so I could give her the Muni Card. The woman was kind enough to give me a card for a free cookie, which was too kind of her.

Sigh…..dreams of being surrounded by ornery and malodorous homeless people will only be that….dreams.

Karma is good. It’s how I am going to run the company, and how I will treat those that I work with. I believe in being good.