Thursday, June 7, 2007

"I Love Music" - June 1, 2007

I love music. I think I love it so much I might be going deaf. Damn you iPod and your awesome capability of letting me listen to countless hours of music whenever and wherever.

Music has provided me with much inspiration throughout countless art projects, and is the only thing that lets me “get away” when I am at work. I have a truly eclectic taste, but I really do love electronic music. My Dad has a theory that I love this type of music because I spent so much time in the water that the sound of the waves constantly undulating against my head has cause me to like music with a strong rhythmic and deep base.

That said, I frequent music happenings around San Francisco. Tonight I headed out to see my friend’s band play, Rubber Side Down, at Café Du Nord. Café Du Nord is a great underground venue, with cheap beers, low ceilings, and music a little louder than it should be. RSD played a great set, and has an uncanny ability to rock incredibly hard and loud, yet maintain a crisp and comprehensible set of vocals over the music.

Me and Mike from RSD
Afterwards, I headed out to Madrone Lounge to see my friend, Lucaso (a self proclaimed digital gypsy), spin some music at an event he hosts called the Sound Culture. The music was great, and my neighbor, Annie, even performed some of her hoolahoop dancing for us.

For more music pioneered by Lucaso, check out the podcast he helps broadcast: iodaCast.

Solid beats at the Sound Culture
Annie being a hoolahoop badass