Tuesday, February 5, 2008

To Live or Die in Facebook – February 5, 2008

Facebook is fairly worthless to me. The only real reason I keep an account is to…actually, I’m not really sure why I keep the account. Besides the fact it’s just another place to seed my blog, I find that for the most part I completely under utilize it. This is primarily because like most people, I have a job, and that means I can’t spend endless hours biting people as an imaginary vampire, or constantly adding applications that tell people where I’ve traveled.

Facebook offers me only two things:

1. A virtual/interactive address book

2. Refinement of my stalking skills

Social networks aren’t worthless as a whole, just ones that promise to be everything to everyone (i.e. Facebook). I actually get much more value and use out of smaller groups that I’m apart of that don’t necessarily live on a sophisticated technology platform. While I’m certainly aware that I could create a Facebook group, it doesn’t seem necessary because the way I stay connected via email with my niche groups is working just fine. Facebook just adds a seemingly more complicated level of involvement to stay connected.

I will continue to maintain my Facebook profile, as it is the center hub of all my social connections, however, my level of involvement and engagement within the site will remain minimal. My upkeep of my profile and existence within other niche networks will increase over time, and eventually I might phase out Facebook.

Does anyone else feel the same way?

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