Monday, February 25, 2008

Favorite Spam (part deux) – February 25, 2008

Continuing from my post last week, here are my top 5 favorite spam emails.

5. “cabaret message from Isabelle Martinez”

kiwi compression imagine lariat prone configure rhesus trajectory clausen glyph corset strom hassle usher jargon involve ton polecat gutenberg horsemen wadsworth adaptive logistic heiress lutz rumania nocturnal dulcet timeworn menhaden topnotch henley russ gainesville vanity james mcintyre preventive harpsichord render blew o'donnell newsletter lark mendel brahmaputra adjoin jawbreak shred hawley u's salesman hexachloride intervene constant

4. “see more inside LADYBOYS Hot and new”

To the victor the spoils From clogs to clogs in only three generations The world is full of willing people: some willing to work and some willing to let them

3. “I NeedToGetLaid”

This week's theme: short words. tor (tor) noun
1. A rocky heap on the top of a hill.
2. A peak of a bared hill.
[From Middle English, from Old English torr. Of uncertain origin: probably
from Celtic.]

2. “asceticism message from Sharlene Jenkins”

floe horatio, adulterate good tackle monsoon lioness min alive protozoa crap. use school won't episode accreditate glasswort croupier transferor, fourteen palmolive geisha frontage drove phoebe helpmate richfield conjuncture insuppressible. beverage pedal snuffle limit phycomycetes, crux hemispheric drawback rodeo affluence englishmen islamic danube dependent dreadnought crocodilian martial dwight. neapolitan scuffle cork, whitman ibex mite. first radiology.

1. “Faithfully”

mink was untoward a convoy egotist the and holy a sleepless ma'am the at overwhelm scum, topple and on bar endow an shrinkage usurp enthusiastically to stained glass plumbing it duty-free that hot seat cynicism to cottage as democratic and prudence grandpa of crystal lip-synch as complicate the chainsaw, a experiment on cardiology choreograph restructuring slipped disk to by an better off cloak a unwitting that forensic as merely explosion of drunkenness clear,: overthrown and

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