Thursday, February 21, 2008

Favorite Spam – February 21, 2008

I’ve been collecting spam over the past year that somehow found its way into my Gmail account. Some of it is an art form of its own, others are just some sort of amalgamation of various words and sentences thrown together about some sort of sexual topic. All in all, they are extremely entertaining. Here is the first installment of my top ten favorite pieces of spam. None of these have been altered in anyway, shape or form. I’ll be revealing numbers 10-6 today, and 5-1 on Monday.

10. “NiceShoes WannaF#ck”

9. “loaded her entrance”

Hi Bro, Cute vixens just out of school classes get in some serious
action.. Watch these young butterflies getting pierced to their hearts. Hot little buns get ravished to.

8. “Lets ScrewOur Brains Out”

even elephant ipod light mix

7. “LookingFor NoStrings Crazy S 3 X”

ComeAnd PlayWith Me! CheckOut MyProfile AtThe LinkBelow CHICKS NOT FAT GLYCERINE YANKEE YANKEE

6. Bachelors, Masters, MBA and/or Doctorate (PhD) away”

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