Friday, January 23, 2009

Upscale Men’s Hair Salons? – January 23, 2009

Everyday, I walk through a majority of downtown San Francisco to and from work. I used to listen to my iPod, but now I take the time to look around and notice the different little details of the city from long neglected historical plaques to hidden nooks to beautiful architectural elements. Recently, I passed a storefront downtown that simply had two letters on its signage “MR.” I was immediately intrigued, and like a moth bathed in a warm ray of light, I was sucked towards it.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a bone collector’s gallery, oddity store, or even a Kubrick style bar, it was a men’s hair salon. However, this men’s hair salon was immediately different than others, there was a bar, big flat screen TVs, and a bunch of semi-attractive women serving as the staff. I have to admit, I needed to investigate more, but sadly, I was turned off when I began to learn more about MR.

MR. is a “members only” hair salon club, where you are required to fill out an application to become apart of the club. If accepted, you have your choice of monthly plans, from the “mogul” to the “hitter” to the “player.” They actually compare one of their monthly plans to that of a BMW 5-series. If the language alone or the fact you have to “apply” to get a freaking haircut wasn’t enough to turn you off, perhaps the questions on the application are. Please see the most offensive ones below:

If you could have cocktails with any business executive, public figure or entertainer, who would it be? Please be as creative as you would like.

Which statement best describes your desire to become a member of MR?

What is the Current State of your Career?

Really? Really? Really? Really? It’s a damn hair salon, not an exclusive club cloaked in secrecy and history. Although they truly are trying to position themselves as a such a place, and I quote, “MR. is a place for discerning professional men to be men. A place where you can watch the game while getting shaved and talk sports, politics or market strategy with the guy next to you. A place where men's grooming meets the approachable luxury and impeccable service you've come to expect from boutique hotels, trendy restaurants and chic lounges.”

Dear MR., real men don’t want to talk market strategy with other dudes while getting a haircut, or use their delicate little “bar credits” to drink a frosty one while watching the game with a bunch of other dudes in a chic men’s hair salon. Furthermore, real men don’t want to be watched drinking beer and ogling short skirt wearing and make-up clad women through a massive storefront window that actually invites passers-by to look inside the salon.

I’ve heard of a few other men’s stylish salons popping up (info courtesy of my awesome hair stylist), but I think it’s ridiculous. Good luck MR. to staying afloat in the recession!

Enjoy these pictures of the “exclusive” hair salon, courtesy of Yelp:


Trey said...

Ungh. And not surprisingly, it was founded by Stanford GSB people...

El Gaffney said...

"approachable luxury." barf. "buzz's girlfriend." woof.

(p.s. found your blog through mark lewis' latest post. good stuff dude.)