Friday, January 16, 2009

Need a Barbecue? - January 16, 2009

I was recently in the market for a barbecue, a gas grill to be specific. As a previous resident of Texas, I'm programmed to only grill with charcoal or wood, but living in San Francisco limits how much one can smoke out the neighbors. I knew I wanted a grill, but seriously, where does one go to buy a grill living in a city? My first guess was to try Home Depot, and I was more than pleasantly surprised at how they marketed their grills on In fact, I think it's so good, that more companies should follow their model. I know that online clothing manufacturers have some great ways for people to look at the details on clothes using a virtual magnifying glass, however, home depot took it to a new level.

When shopping for a grill, you get more than just a picture and a description, you get a full on voice recording that quickly describes the grill, and even goes so far as to elaborate why it's the perfect grill for you. Funny enough, the more expensive the grill gets, the better the more sophisticated and intricate the recording becomes. Furthermore, what I really loved about the user interface was that to find your perfect grill you could use a series of selection criteria (e.g. type of fuel, cost, features, brand). All in all, an awesome experience. Can't more shopping sites look like this!!??

I highly recommend you check it out, and all you digital marketers out there, take note.

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