Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Evolution of Online Video Content – October 16, 2007

In case you have been putting your head in doorway and repeatedly slamming it shut on your head, you’ve probably noticed there’s a fair share of video online. Maybe it’s the video you watched that your friend IM’ed you of a cat grabbing onto a fan and being flung onto the wall, or it’s the hours upon hours you wasted at work looking for that music video from Germany on YouTube.

The point is online video will probably/eventually take over cable T.V. Why? Well, easy, the content is getting better and better all the time. Instead of spending days trying to find that perfect dark comedy video clip to send to your Facebook goth group, you can simply check out Waverly Films (they even have a YouTube page!!! OMG !!!) . Looking to pee your pants laughing, check out Funny or Die. Or maybe, the plethora of real world type T.V. shows aren’t enough for you, Justin TV is waiting for you! Dare I mention the endless porn videos?

Long story short, there has been a major evolution in the terms of quality, quantity, and location of good online video content. Find what you want, when you want it. YouTube might have been the “first” to market, but can they stave off all these niche content sites?

Oh yeah, is it just me, or is the inevitable free wireless, booming smartphone/iPhone population, and products like iTV going to affect when and where we watch stuff too? Once that happens, the need for things like a cable box is going to be no more…simply log-on, surf, and watch.

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