Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bowling Make-Over - September 1, 2007

The number of traditional alleys(11,000 in 1960 and only 5,500 today) and weekly bowlers (9 million in 1980 and only 2.7 million today) is dropping.

OH MY GOD! America’s former #1 activity might be dying? Or will it?

A group of Nike and Microsoft “expats” bought the Professional Bowler’s Association and are trying to repackage and resell bowling into a profitable sport. Check this movie out if you’re interested, “The League of Ordinary Gentleman.” that means Midwest bumpkins can now afford to buy two trailers instead of one?

The good news is that the traditional image of bowling and the places people bowl is in a paradigm shift, (only 1/3 of bowling centers are small traditional centers). This means you no longer are subject to smoky bowling alleys, but instead bowling alleys filled with disco lights and black lights! Why someone cares that much about trying to uplevel the image of bowling is beyond me. I mean bowling is really only about getting drunk and or having really aqward dates where girls beat you (see a post from Shark at the jo-tel about this)

In the meantime, do your part to save bowling and go visit your favorite bowling center. Oh p.s. enjoy these pics!

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trill said...

I knew there had to be a way for Hillary Clinton to look less sexy. Way to discover that way, Reid.