Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bored after Love Fest? - September 25, 2007

So, you're hungover from a day at the Love Fest? Why not try to erase the guilt you're feeling from trying to make out with a person dressed-up as a squirrel by heading over to the Folsom Street Fair.

I'd like to describe the Folsom Street Fair as a fun family event, but others have a different viewpoint.

“The ever-expanding downtown shopping empire, from Barneys to Bloomies, provides even more ripe opportunities to freak out straight-edge, bridge-and-tunnel Sunday shoppers with a leather master-and-slave getup. Around 40,000 fetishists, leather daddies, BDSM practitioners, sexual adventurers, furries, and garden-variety voyeurs from all over the world head down to Folsom Street for public spankings, piercing-and-hook suspension, and bare-butts-in-leather-chaps ogling. Plus, hear the Ladytron DJs spin and see Imperial Teen, Smash-Up Derby, and drag acts such as Kimo (of "20 Years of Madonna in 20 Minutes" fame) perform.”

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Sosia Bert said...

HEY! That squirrel was gay! :)