Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ask a Scientist - September 5, 2007

I know that scientists have this stereotype of being creepy dudes in lab coats that have little to no social competency, but I beg to differ. Scientists, although at sometimes a little bit too cerebral, are naturally curious beings. As a curious being, they inherently cause disruption and innovation through their discoveries. Sure, they might not ever figure out how to kiss someone of the opposite sex, but hey, at least they've figured out how to do stuff like instantly heat up my can of soup.

If anyone is ever interested in drinking beer and listening to a scientist discuss their work, check out "Ask a Scientist"

Tonight at Axis Cafe in SF, they are going to be talking about exoplanets:

"The recent announcement of the discovery of 28 more planets outside of our solar system has brought the total number of known exoplanets to 236! Of particular interest is Gliese 581c, the smallest exoplanet discovered to date. Estimated to be only five times more massive than Earth, Gliese 581c orbits within its dim sun's habitable zone, the region around a star within which a planet's temperature can sustain liquid water on its surface."

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