Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Naming Shmaming - August 21, 2007


Really, this is about the hardest thing I’ve had to figure out. I get ideas for companies left and right, but most happen to be incredibly impossible to create on my own. Deciding what to name something after you actually create the product is an entire other monster.
I guess it’s kinda the same problems parents run into while trying to name their baby.
I want the name to be somewhat descriptive of what the company does. It can’t be generic. It can’t be too descriptive as to come off cheesy. I can’t be so far out that no one has any idea what the hell the company does (e.g. “Double Monkey Ladder” or “Friday Twine” or maybe “Yellow Barn Inc”).

I know what my company offers to people, and I’ve been trying to figure out how that plays into the name. Like for instance if I were to be selling cookies, I would think of what cookies do for people. They make them smile, they taste good, and above all, they satisfy a hunger/desire. So what words can be descriptive of what that does….well, that is kinda how I’m trying to name my company now…and guess what???? It still isn’t working.

Things I’ve tried:
- Thesaurus
- Rhyming
- Random words picked out of dictionaries
- Checking out other naming blog sites
- Getting drunk
- Trying to get my friends to name it for me

Well, I’ve got to figure this out soon, as I have to register with the San Francisco authorities soon. I’ll keep you up to date!


Hip E. said...

Have you tried "Technicolor Bunnyrabbit"?

M. Lee said...

Pardon me for not reading the entire blog...

Can you give a 100 word or less description of what you want to accomplish via your business activities?

Linda said...

Name it "Why does that cactus have another, smaller cactus where its penis should be?"