Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everyday - September 25, 2008

(photo source : Slap Upside the Head)
As I was having my teeth cleaned the other day (FYI I had zero cavities!), my dental hygienist offered me a bit of advice about how she lives her life day to day. The core of what she was conveying to me was that everyday we should do something different or exciting...something that makes the blood boil in anticipation, excitement, or fear. Her exact quote was:

"Do something everyday that scares you a little bit"

While I'm not confident that the phrase's word choice is by any means perfect, I totally agree with the sentiment. Sorry if this post is coming off as cliche and somewhat trite, but I think that it is incredibly important to not remain complacent with the rituals of life. Take what you will from my story, but know I only offered this to my readers because I firmly believe that creativity is a direct result of exploration and submersing one self into elements, societies, situations, etc of the unknown.

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Sosia Bert said...

A similar sentiment I've heard: When thinking about what to do next in a life decision, you should do whatever scares you the most. I think that it's more applicable for people who are timid, though, because I can think of some pretty scary shit.