Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Caught Red Handed -- September 3, 2008

What do Braun and Porter Novelli (one of the world’s largest PR firms) have in common? They both SUCK at social media, and they are Facebook SPAMMERS. Case in point to be told through these photos.

Photo 1 – Facebookie “Michael” posts a contextually and topically relevant post to a Facebook Group “I’m a Deck Changing Swimmer,” however, he does not fully disclose his identity or why he is posting this link. Overall, it looks fishy, but sound intriguing, but in the end it’s still SPAM.
Michael’s under-the-radar tactic might work on a few, but to many it reeks of marketing. A better and more honest approach would be to reveal that he is working with Braun to promote their latest razor. Obviously, you’d want some good copy, but it’s important to bring clarity to the relationship between the person posting and the link to the company page they are providing.

Photo 2 – This is the place the link on the wall posting takes you to. A terrible Braun branded Facebook page showing chicks shaving guys backs on the beach? What’s that all about? It’s no surprise that they only have 121 fans, all of which I’m guessing are Porter Novelli employees.

I have to admit the page isn’t terrible, but it has far too much content, and doesn’t tie back to an overarching theme for existing. Facebook isn’t a marketing platform for Braun, rather an opportunity to nurture a community based around something. They totally missed the mark on this one.

Photo 3 - It’s important to note that reason I was able to link Porter Novelli to this spamming was because of “Michael” who so proudly listed Porter Novelli as one of his networks. Good job Michael on spamming Facebook, you must be soooo proud. Porter Novelli, I hope you learn a lesson from this.

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