Monday, July 21, 2008

Bullsh#$ - July 21, 2008

I work in marketing and advertising. At times, it can be a dreary world filled with lies, contrived truths, and unbelievable claims. My theory has always been that if you have a good product, people will buy it regardless of what you say about it. It drives me completely insane that a client can not succinctly or clearly tell me why their product is different from the competition. Too often, they rely on perceived advantages to drive preference, but in the age of the wise consumer, I think this is a dangerous territory to trod upon.

Now that I've got my little spiel out of the way, onto the good stuff. I realize that I might be a little late to the game on reporting about this show, but since I've recently discovered it, I feel the need to share with you all.

Penn and Teller have had a series on Showtime called "Bullshit."
This show is the schiznit! Every episode is dedicated to uncovering the rickety falsehoods of scams from groups, campaigns, advertisements, documentaries, individuals, etc. The first show I saw revealed this crazy service a woman was offering in Hawaii about dolphin assisted natural birth. I've been a viewer ever since. I suggest you check it our for yourself.

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