Friday, June 27, 2008

Analyze My Flickr - June 27, 2008

I recently checked out what photos from my Flickr account were getting the most attention. Flickr breaks it down for you by: most interesting, most commented on, most favorited, and most viewed. So for today's post I'm sharing the results with you.

Most Interesting:
Title: "Superman Pantsless"
Views: 119
Most Commented On:
Title: "Work Doodle"
Comments: 5
Views: 10
Most Favorited:
Title: "Grateful Naked"
Times Favorited: 2
Views: 166
Most Viewed:
Title: "Big Lips"
Views: 470
Overall, I'm not sure exactly how to draw a conclusion from these results, so I won't try.

Happy Friday!!!

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