Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl @30K - February 3, 2009

No, I’m not talking about thirty thousand dollars, I’m talking about thirty thousand feet. Long story short, I was stuck on a flight home this past Sunday at the same time the Super Bowl was being aired on TV. OMG, could anything be worse for a fair weathered football fan? Thank god I was flying JetBlue, because not only did they play the game on their TVs, but they also gave out free drinks! Here’s the email I got from JetBlue a few days before the big game day:

“Dear JetBlue Customer,

We noticed that you'll be jetting with us on Sunday, February 1 during the championship football game. Whether you're a football fan or prefer to tune-in to another program or read a book, we'd like to celebrate the day with our customers by offering you one free cocktail compliments of JetBlue and Stirrings Mixers.

Choose from one of the Game Day Drink Specials below or any Stirrings selection from the Times on Air seatback card. In addition to your first free cocktail, we're also giving away a Stirrings Mixers all day with the purchase of any liquor thereafter.*

Enjoy your complimentary cocktail along with our 36 channels of DIRECTV®, unlimited brand-name snacks, and lots of legroom which are always free on JetBlue.

Thanks for jetting with us and we look forward to welcoming you onboard!

JetBlue Airways”

How sweet is that!? I ended up getting one of these
It was called a Tumbleweed:

1 part Stirrings® Lemon Drop Mixer
1 part Jack Daniel's® Whiskey
2 parts Arizona® Iced Tea

Sadly, I had a sip, then decided to pass on the rest of the drink, given I spent most of Sunday recovering from a rough Friday and Saturday night. Regardless, thanks JetBlue, what a great customer relationship strategy.
BTW, I got to check out JetBlue’s newest terminal at JFK….sweet! It reminds me of Vegas meets European modernism, with a stronger skew to the European design side. Here’s a pic of part of the terminal:

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