Wednesday, November 19, 2008

North Beach Art Installation - November 19, 2008

First off, yes it's been a while since I've posted.  Let me briefly argue in my defense; vacation and new job! kick off some much needed blogging, I wanted to share with my SF brethren a (hopefully) incredible art installation in North Beach.

Brian Goggin, with Dorka Keehn, have built a piece called, “The Language Of The Birds,” and at dusk on Sunday, November 23rd it will come to life.

This public artwork is a sculpted, illuminated flock of twenty three translucent, suspended open books with bindings positioned as if they are the wings of birds in flight. These books will appear to be taking off and flying above the plaza.

Phrases, taken from books by neighborhood authors or written about the surrounding communities, will be scattered and embedded in the plaza as if the words have fallen from the pages, forming an aesthetically beautiful and random pattern. The words will maintain their fonts from the books and will range from 1.5’’ to 3”.

At night the books will act as fluctuating lanterns light up by internal LED lights. The changing lights effects will be prompted by the unamplified beat and tempo in selected recordings of Jazz and other music played in the area over the last fifty years.

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