Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm A Sheep - October 14, 2008

48% of Americans believe UFOs have visited planet Earth!

In this picture, I am holding one of the first bottles of Crystal Head Vodka. Sadly, I fell into the marketing trap created by Dan Aykroyd, which pretty much forced me to buy this. Like all vodkas, most Americans purchase based on brand association or by bottle design. Clearly, I purchased on bottle design, but big part of me also purchased this because of the story.

Dan Aykroyd, yes, the actor, created a new vodka that is, "in reverence of those enlightened after touching any of the thirteen crystal heads unearthed around our globe." Mr. Aykroyd, purveyor of the occult, is a strong and faithful believer of UFOs, aliens, and other paranormal phenomena, and wants to share his passion via a vodka. This vodka is contained within a glass skull, which is meant to emulate the crystal skulls that have been found around the globe. I'd go into further explination, but I think watching this video is the best way to learn about it:

I now own a bottle of this fine liquor. Now, let's hope it lives up to it's promise.

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Shannon said...

Reid, i bought two bottles after watching this video, ha! john kept sending me the link to this $60 vodka that came in a skull bottle, and i kept thinking, yea so? but dan akroyd really sold me - filtered through diamonds?! is this what you are serving at your anti-halloween party tomorrow?