Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saying Little = Nothing or Everything - August 12, 2008

Once again, I find myself pondering the existence of micro-blogging platforms (aka Twitter or Facebook Status). Although I'm an active participant of these technologies, I am always struggling to decide when and what to say. Okay, I'm not really struggling, but I'm finding it difficult to find inspiration to share my small snippets with the world.

I think these tools make alot of sense for several purposes such as: informing people that you are traveling or arriving somewhere, asking a question at a conference via a feed, posting something up for sale, or even giving a shout out to a band you're listening to. I think all of the following provide valuable information of some sort.

The key to micro-blogging is to offer unique and useful content. Too often I've seen Twitter feeds turn into RSS feeds or shameless self promotion plugs. Either of those don't help me....I've already got plenty of places to get my news, and I already read blogs on a semi-regular basis.

For the love of god, stop the Twitterrhea!!!! Either give me something useful or shut up. Speaking of Twitterrhea....

p.s. It should be noted that I tried to post a LOLCat for a picture for this post, but sadly, there are no LOLCats with the word Twitter in them :(

p.p.s. I'm don't really follow my own advice, and often I post things to Twitter that aren't that compelling, but at least it gives my friends a little better idea of my personality

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