Friday, January 25, 2008

Warning, This is a Raw Food – January 25, 2008

I just ingested Kombucha, and I’m not sure why, as I have a red-eye flight to New York tonight.

I learned about Kombucha a month or so ago when I was walking through the store with Sosia, where it was described to me as some sort of drink with living bacteria inside of it. As a human being who knows the torment of an upset stomach, I immediately turned away in disgust. In reality, Kombucha is a handmade tea that is fermented for a given period of time.

Fast forward 34 days. I’m standing patiently in front of a deli’s cooler, which is literally holding hundreds of various drinks. For some reason I notice 10-15 different types of bottles that proudly display “Kombucha” on their label, and I become strangely drawn to them. Two minutes later, I leave the deli with a bottle of Kombucha and an apple fritter.

I drank the Kombucha, which was citrus flavored, and I feel ok…so far. It tasted very bubbly and acidic, but not terribly unpleasant. I managed to get over the fact that “cultures” were floating around in my drink and finding their way down my gullet and into my stomach.

Supposedly, I’m going to feel “good”. We’ll see about that.

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