Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Beauty of Free Wireless – January 17, 2008

I got my Meraki repeater in the mail yesterday!!! The excitement that reverberated through my body was similar to that of when I was seven years old and finally got the x-ray vision glasses in the mail. I had hot blood running through my veins and a euphoric nonsensical giddiness, which made me jump about.

I tore open the package like a wolf sinking its salivating and glistening white teeth into the soft skin of its innocent prey. I dumped the contents of the package onto my bed and immediately assembled the Meraki repeater kit. The assembly was minimal, a toddler could have done it. Really, I’m not kidding, all you had to do was screw on the antennae and plug it in.

Now I’ve got free wireless in my apartment, and if my neighbors figure out the signal, they do too.

Thanks Meraki!

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