Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Exclusivity" - July 18, 2007

I was in New York last week and had the rare opportunity to experience a true underground speakeasy. It was incredible, not only because the drinks were beyond amazing, but because I felt pretty damn cool to be inside the joint. Sure anyone feels special when they get into a popular spot, but this was extra special because you had to know about it, then you had to go into a telephone booth inside a hot dog restaurant, then you had to give them the secret code, then you got let into the darkly lit bar through the back of the telephone booth. Yes, they officially made you feel cool and exclusive…which brings me to a big point (cue drum roll).

The most successful brands, products, or companies are those that create a sense of belonging and exclusivity around their brand.

Think about the people who drive BMW Minis and how proud they feel to drive one, and how the advertising even makes fun of those who don’t own one.
Maybe it’s being an avid fan (like a Trekkie) that brings you to an elite status within a certain culture group
Or maybe it’s being apart of a club by buying the product, like the Hair Club for Men.
The closer your bring your audience into your brand and get them to integrate themselves it into their lives the more successful the brand will become.

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