Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bad, Bad, Bad (Fake) Hair - April 7, 2009

I feel like balding has become more acceptable in today's society. Sure, there are still terrible hair-in-a-can infomercials that run on TV, but for the most part, men have given up on actually getting a full head of hair back. It's not about regrowing what you lost, it's about keeping what you have. Not a bad thing, but you have to make sure you catch it early enough before it's too late.

What happens if you do miss the boat? One day you wake up and look in the mirror and realize it's all gone? Besides having a rude awakening, most men roll with it. Some shave their head, some just kinda leave it as is, and some might try to style it as best as they can. Then, there's the very, very few who decide they need to get a toupee. They completely ignore how ridiculous they look, and they never look good, yet they decide to get one anyways.

Last week when I was on the BART, I came across this dude. Woahhhhhhh buddy! This is perhaps the worst of all attempts to dupe the world into thinking you actually still have hair. Notice the major discoloration between the top of his hair and the side of his hair. Completely different colors! Then there's the whole fact it's like 10x as long and 10x as poofy then hair should be! Did he really think he could get away with this? Incredible. Embrace the baldness dude! The crazy part was that he was actually trying to have a business conversation with a guy across from him, and I have no idea why anyone would trust a man who would dare go into public wearing a fake hair piece like this.

I hope I'm not being mean, but it's important to spread the word that toupees are not cool, nor will they ever be.

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