Monday, December 8, 2008

Drawdio - December 8, 2008

If your pencil or pen ever had a voice, do you wonder what it might sound like?  I imagine that an expensive felt-tip calligraphy pen with rich and potent black ink would sing opera, while a dingy, gnawed on number 2 pencil might have a tinny squelch. 

Drawdio (draw + audio)want you to know!

Drawdio' created by Adafruit and Jay Silver is a pencil that lets you draw with the music.  The kit is an analog  synthesizer circuit that straps to any soft-leaded pencil, and lets you crank out electronic sounds while you  sketch. Using a single AAA battery for power the 'drawdio' works by taking advantage of the conductive properties of the graphite in pencil lead.

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